Retirement Income Certified Professional is a program that enables financial professionals achieve and demonstrate a high level of competence in retirement income planning. A Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP®) is a recognized and highly respected designation in the financial services industry.

RICP® was created by the American College of Financial Services to equip financial advisers with skills to help guide their clients on how to make sure their nest eggs last as well as what they should do to ensure that they have greater peace of mind when they finally do retire.

Generally, a RICP® helps retirees, as well as those planning to retire, develop concrete plans to manage assets that they have accumulated over time.


More specifically, a RICP® helps set realistic budget goals as well as offers proven advice on how to live within ones means to avoid running out of cash prematurely.

Unlike other programs, RICP® equips financial advisers with solutions that are relevant to the demands of modern retirement income planning. The program also reflects the ever changing landscape of retirement income planning.

This program puts great emphasis in helping financial professionals know how to help their client’s transition from asset accumulation to having a sustainable livelihood in retirement. It not only focuses on financial assets but on related aspects of life.


Beyond retirement income planning, the program addresses everything from how retirees can realize their dreams during retirement to planning for certain later-years issues. For example, it can take careful preparation to feel sure you will be properly cared for if the need arises.

The priority that one puts on retirement usually varies depending on the stage that a person is in life. During early stage of working, retirement planning is all about setting aside money to use during retirement. However, as one advances through the career, priority changes from putting aside money to asset targeting. Upon retirement, your emphasis often changes to lifestyle goals and non-financial assets.

An RICP® is tasked with accompanying folks throughout their life journey.

Contributed by Wayne Peck RICP® founder of Successful Solutions of Findlay Ohio.